Welding to I-Beam
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    Welding to I-Beam

    Newbie Question I cant find anywhere here.

    Looking to weld some angle to the flat face of an I-beam. The load would be minimual 100#, and little moment on the beam, but some concerns over code, due to the fact that the I-beam supports the roof. Any restrictions on welding to structural beam?


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    Re: Welding to I-Beam

    The restriction that I always remember is never to weld across the face of the I-beam, due to the risk of forming cracks at a high stress point. If you run a bead on the edge of the face, that is less likely to form a crack, minimizes the stress raiser.

    Obviously many things are just clamped to the I-beam. An angle iron could have one clamp on each side, especially if the weight involved is not a lot.

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