Cutting Torch - Acetylene Gauges used with Propane
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    Cutting Torch - Acetylene Gauges used with Propane

    Its my understanding that a guy can use an Acetylene gauge on a standard propane grill tank for use with a cutting torch. I've been looking at the differences between a Propane regulator, and the one for Acetylene and the propane allows for a much higher pressure at the torch. So, my question for the guys who are using acetylene gauges for propane, is how well does it work? Do you ever feel the need to have a higher pressure than your acetylene gauge will allow? I assume using the acetylene gauge will limit how thick of steel you can cut, and how much you can heat with a rosebud.

    I ask because I'm looking for a torch outfit and I'm on the fence about going with acetylene or propane.
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    Re: Cutting Torch - Acetylene Gauges used with Propane

    Once you start a cut the fuel gas becomes unnecessary as the O2 is the one doing the actual cutting. Don't forget that you'll need different tips/rosebud to use with propane and with acetylene. If you plan to do alot of heating and bending go with propane, since it will be cheaper and safer. If you plan to weld with a torch you'll need to go with acetylene.

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    Re: Cutting Torch - Acetylene Gauges used with Propane

    i have a victor acetylene setup that i use propane with for cutting and heating. i haven't had any problems with it yet. if you go with a victor i have several extra propane cutting tips i will make you a sweet deal on.
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    Re: Cutting Torch - Acetylene Gauges used with Propane

    Yes you can use an acet. reg. with propane. I use a bbq 20lb. tank for mobile work and a 100lb. for the shop. You will be amazed at how long a bbq bottle will last. As far as the pressure limitation, I have not had a problem. According to the Smith catalog a number 6 propane tip at 12 psi will cut 12" of steel. No, I don't think you will have a problem either, unless you cut more than that. And this way if you want to gas weld you can switch to a bottle of acet. with the same reg. Yes you will need to buy propane tips, they are different. Plus side is propane is sooo much cheaper and more readily available. It just takes a little longer for preheat.
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