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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Beautiful torch holder, hoss. I'll have to borrow that notion when I get my O/A rig back in service!

    If I have one complaint about my Fisher anvil, it's that the hardy hole is so screwed up. The casting is a little wallowed out below the hard steel face so you can't really get a tool to fit nice. Now that the face plate has a century of wear, it's lopsided, too. You can't get 1" shanks to hold steady, but 1-1/4" is too big for the hole in the plate. 1-1/8" stock fits decent in the face plate, but the wallowed-out body doesn't offer any support and everything wobbles.

    The only option is to put a loop and spring on the end of the shaft so it can be held to the stand. It gives a little more stability, but nothing to write home about.

    Try the side-ways vise when you get a minute. I use mine on the workbench a lot because it's a great way to hold things for welding. Watching to see if any more come up cheap on eBay, and hope I can snag at least two more of them soon. Can't have enough of those little things!

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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    VaughnT. My Peter Wright hardy hole was a little lopsided AND a bit undersized for my1 1/4" shank hardies.

    I used an air file and die grinder to clearance it out. Surprisingly wearing welding gloves and using even steady strokes with a double cut file worked quickest.


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    Re: Blacksmithing tools

    Bought a couple 90º fixtures some time ago.....

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    The problem is that they are fab'd from 1/2" plate and whoever made them didn't bother to align the plates properly. The result was a little bit of the short side sticking out past the long side at the corner. As you can imagine, that made them pretty sucky to use and they mostly got relegated to I-need-something-heavy-to-hold-stuff-while-it-glues duty.

    Well, I finally got around to sticking one in the horizontal bandsaw to see what I could do with it. I took the corner off in about 15 minutes or so. Nice thing about the saw is that I can be off doing other things while it runs.

    The end result, sadly, is a 90º angle that's not quite 90º on the long side. I'm not sure if the table was out or the angle, but my machinist's square showed some light when put up against the long side. If I'd have thought about it, I'd have set her up on the table saw since that's as close to a flat table as I've got in the shop.

    Still, everything said and done, she's plenty good enough for anything I'll ever need to hold while welding and such. This isn't exactly a "blacksmithing" tool, but it's certainly something every smith should have in his shop if he plans to do things that require a right-angle corner. Very handy bit of kit!

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