Mig Braze ?
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Thread: Mig Braze ?

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    Mig Braze ?

    I am a retired auto worker and in the plant we had what we called a mig braze booth . We welded all kinds of structural supports made of stamped sheet metal with it . It used a mig gun and the finished weld had a copperish / brassish color to it . I have not run across the wire in welding supply shops and have some questions I need answered . I figure this is the place to ask . I have used some scraps of the wire in my home shop just playing around with it and it really has some appealing characteristics and would like to know more about it . I used an oxy acetaline torch and welded some pieces of 18 ga. sheet metal with it and it flowed great and seemed to do it at a much lower temp than a steel welding rod . I need to put some patch panels in an old coupe I'm working on and was thinking of using it since I can do it at a lower temp thus keeping the chance of warpage to a minimum . Can it be used in a conventional mig outfit with co2 mix gas ? Are there reasons I should not use it ? What is the propper name of the wire and where can I get some ? Thanks in advance guys .

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    Re: Mig Braze ?

    I believe it is silicon bronze, common trade name Everdur. I have used this for TIG brazing.

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    Re: Mig Braze ?

    That was fast ! lol I worked @ the Chrysler Assembly plants in Fenton Missouri . Nothing was much fun in the old body shops at those places ! I'm surprised more of us aren't dead from " The Good Old Days "
    The problem I've had in the past with using the mig to weld in patch panels has been the heat and warpage . I may just try the silicon bronze wire with my torch and see how it goes . On a different note , what is a good welding filler rod to use to butte weld some patch panels in place ? I've heard it's pretty hard to do but I have a lot of time . What diameter rod and what composition ? This will be used on 18/20 gage mild steel sheet . Thaks again !

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