Complete noob from Ontario, Canada
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    Oct 2010
    Ontario, Canada

    Complete noob from Ontario, Canada

    I know virtually nothing about welding, have only arc welded as a small child with my grandfather while building our homemade logsplitter. I recently was given a brand new Lincoln Mig Pak 180 from my brother and am really eager and interested in getting started. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Complete noob from Ontario, Canada

    Hello and WELCOME!!! Lots of people in the know on the forum, do not be afraid to ask questions.
    The older the boys, the more expensive the TOYS!!
    Previous owned;
    Linde 300 Amp welder
    Miller Gas drv welder, Tumbstone,Dayton
    Miller ac to dc converter,High frequency unit
    Longevity LS60P
    Currrently owned;
    Longevity WeldAll 200PI

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