Lincoln Ranger 9 Engine Driven Welder
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    Lincoln Ranger 9 Engine Driven Welder

    So, I love my Ranger 9, but not everyone is a fan of hearing the air cooled 18hp Onan engine for extended periods of time.
    What I did was get a muffler for a small Honda Civic and tack it on one of the factory exhaust outlets. I then welded up the opposite outlet. The factory provides a cap for either side of your choice. This quieted the exhaust noise considerably. But the loud exposed engine is still an issue. Any ideas on how to quiet this thing down and still provide enough cooling for it? I am in Yuma, Arizona where summer temps are well above 100F for an extended period. My idea was to enclose it in a small trailer and baffle the input and output air ports to quiet the noise.

    Your thoughts?

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    Well I know this sounds outragous but put an a/c unit in that trailer if you can get ac power locally that would help...but again its pretty outrageous. Just not sure of a lot of ways to keep enough cool air flowing while still muffling the noise
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    cover it up with sound deading bord leave space around the machine for air flow and you might want to put a fan to help with get air to cool it

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