Need some input - BURNING TIPS like MAD!!
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    Need some input - BURNING TIPS like MAD!!

    I guess I should say.... I am burning up my FLUX CORE NOZZLES LIKE MAD!

    I have a Hobart 187. I am using Hobart flux core wire. .30.

    I have installed a flux core nozzle. I have some questions though.

    I am burning up nozzles like crazy.

    When you install the flux core nozzle..... you remove the normal MIG tip right? Or do you keep the tip on under the nozzle?

    Seems no matter what I do.... I am burning up the nozzles. As long as I can keep the wire coming out the nozzle I do ok. But it seems the nozzle just gets fouled and the wire gets snagged and nozzle fries.

    Any input is greatly appreciated. I am new to welding.

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