Millermatic 35
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Thread: Millermatic 35

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    Millermatic 35

    Have use Miller several time and I have aquired on. Need and expanded view of parts. only has a manual to down load and it does not have detailed parts list. Problem is the gas is not going up to the gun. The gas is comimg back into the case via the gun cable connection at the case. Any help.. Thanks

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    Re: Millermatic 35

    The reason you do not see a gas valve is there wasn't one.
    The original mm35 had the gas valve inside the miggun.
    As those guns died most MM35s were modified with a gas valve of some type and an adapter to a different gun. A lot of them got tweco guns. The tweco gas valve was either mounted to the adapter or inside the welder and wired to the contactor.
    Post some pictures with the gun mounted in the drive showing both ends of the gun.
    Follow the gas hose from where it enters the welder and tell me where it goes.
    I need your serial number for a better parts list. Post pictures here and PM me your E-mail and serial number for a parts list.

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    Re: Millermatic 35

    Thanks for the response, I dug into the machine today was able to track down the problem and fix it. I would like to replace some parts if I could get a detailed part list or expanded view.. Serial number is 71-582658. Again, thanks. Moe

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