The shoulder I had surgery on Jan. 5 is a little usable now so I got out and built these. My wife wanted a winch on the jeep after a bad experience when out with another couple in their jeep awhile ago. What wives want they have a way of getting so after installing the winch there were no tow points left on the front as they are replaced by the winch mount. I intended to build the mounting plate but after figuring steel and powder coating prices I decided to buy a mount from Rough Country. I could have bought the clevis mounts from them but I wanted some that were a little sturdier.

This is what I came up with.

Mounted on the jeep.


With a clevis in place like it will be if used. The only time it would be used is to hook up a tow strap or if my winch should quit if I were stuck and someone else winched me out. A 7/8" clevis is overkill but I use a couple with my tractor so why buy another.