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    Re: Scrap metal art or projects

    Quote Originally Posted by kevinacaron View Post
    Attachment 1216711

    Just finished this one..

    5 foot tall by 5.5 wide.
    Beautiful Kevin!

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    Re: Scrap metal art or projects

    Looks great Kevin. Always glad to see you here on WW.
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    Re: Scrap metal art or projects

    Quote Originally Posted by psacustomcreations View Post
    Surreal hopefully in a good way.

    The bases are smaller on purpose. The pieces are pretty stable the way they are. If I could get away with it, the bases would be even smaller.

    Obviously these pieces aren't for places that have small kids or people who just have to touch and poke at things.

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    Surreal as in the art movement. Kudos, in other words.

    In my house, if it can be bumped and knocked over it will be bumped and knocked over...just sayin'.

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    Re: Scrap metal art or projects

    This rollout ramp on one of our new trucks had a pretty big hook that stuck out and was just begging to bite someone.
    I removed the hook and bent up some diamond plate as a cover. I had to score the diamond plate as use a bit of BFH since the finger brake was maxed out. I saw that Phil had done the scoring trick on his firepit cover so thanks to him for the technique.

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    Re: Scrap metal art or projects

    Sweet! Be nice if that would stay shiny for a while.

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