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    Re: Anyone here get a Hobart Factory Reconditioned Unit?

    Ive been really considering buying the 190 reconditioned. The 210 and ironman are still appealing though..
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    Re: Anyone here get a Hobart Factory Reconditioned Unit?

    Hobart welders are a good buy when purchased refurbished from the factory. As mentioned here prior, they are well tested and most times are welders returned due to wrong size or model given as a gift. They can not sell them as new. But to be sure all is good they test them and ensure you are getting a good welder.

    Where I work we sell welders and if I was looking to buy a small 115v mig welder I would buy a refurbished Hobart welder. You may have to wait a few weeks or a month depending on return status, but well worth the savings.

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    Re: Anyone here get a Hobart Factory Reconditioned Unit?

    I'll throw in my $.02 here. I picked up a HH140 refurb from the Hobart online shop in SEPT.2016 (8 months ago). It's been a great little unit. I've used it for some small projects, MIG cart and small shop equipment frames etc. Even let a friend borrow it to install a new floor pan on his project car (his first welding project!). It showed up in close to great condition. There was a very minor ding on the spool door, which likely came from shipping I believe. Nothing to impede performance or door operation. The drive roller also had a small chunk of metal missing, but it was not a critical piece and again, does not affect operation at all. Yeah, probably coulda got a new roller, but wasn't too concerned. Overall, it looked brand new, shiny, good paint, all the extras, even the metal thickness gauge, etc. I've used it for a couple projects with 3/16 in. steel and have not had issues with it. Wanted to go with the 210MVP, but wasn't quite needed, as I have access to larger MIG machines at work.

    I had debated between this unit and an Everlast, but decided that the voltage taps, (extensive) weld-chart and fact that it's a transformer would keep things simple and easy to use for a long time. Would recommend the refurbished (MIG) units to those looking.

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    Re: Anyone here get a Hobart Factory Reconditioned Unit?

    Just ordered a reconditioned 210MVP a few minutes ago

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