Board repair?
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Thread: Board repair?

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    Board repair?

    Anyone actually repair powcon boards anymore? I have an SMP-550 with a broken resistor on it and the new guy in MD doesnt want to support the 550 and didn't have any interest in fixing it.
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    Re: Board repair?

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    Re: Board repair?

    Arcon was started by one of the inventors of Powcon. They have helped several folks fix their Powcon machines.
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    Re: Board repair?

    York electronics has done all my stuff in the past
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    Re: Board repair?

    Arcon will sell parts if they have them. They have most of the manuals.
    One problem is, all the detailed pcb information is still owned by ITW. Millers Parent co.
    Last I heard they weren't sharing.
    If you do find some one who can fix the pcbs real good. Arcon would like to know.

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