Vantage 300 Arc Control Knob
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    Vantage 300 Arc Control Knob

    Question.... When i turn my arc control up or down will my amp go up and down on my amp meters i just put in?

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    Re: Vantage 300 Arc Control Knob

    Maybe, maybe not. Probably not IMO.

    For the arc force knob to work right your leads needs to be balanced. If they are not balanced then you probably won't feel much of anything from adjusting it.

    Balanced leads means the hot and the ground has the same total resistance so the process can assume they are both neutral and then it can control the heat properly. (I think thats right )

    Besides, what dummy would design a machine with balanced leads. Doesn't everyone know we all use whip cables?

    If you turn the arc force knob and feel it then it'll work. If you can't then it ain't going to matter much where its at.

    It works like a dig knob IMO.

    If you crowd the rod and you think it "fell on its a@@ then the dig ain't high enough.
    If you crowd the rod and it feels likes it "comes up" in heat, then probably the dig is too high.
    If you crowd the rod and the heat seems to do as you wanted it to then the dig is probably right.

    A good example of this is on the bottom of a pipe weld. As you approach the bottom on a weld while capping its a normal tendency to choke out some of that heat by crowding the rod into the puddle. If you raise the arc length the heat seems to come up so its normal to try to choke out that excess heat by crowding a short arc. While doing that if the heat seems to not go down, but it seems to come up on you and get hotter - then the dig is to high. When the heat seems to corporate and lower slightly by crowding the rod on the bottom - then the dig is probably close to being right. (FOR YOU).

    To some the right dig setting is "maintain" To others it means "reduce". And to some it means "increase".

    What the rod does when you choke it up (crowd it) is what it means. lol

    So to try and answer your question. Does it increase your amps? While welding: If your leads are right and the knob actually works, and if you're all choked up carrying a big whad of metal then yes, they might show an increase under the right conditions and settings. If not welding: then I don't think so. If it did I'd worry I think. lol

    Good luck man
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    Re: Vantage 300 Arc Control Knob

    set the arc force at 5 to start with. then go up for more or down for less.
    5 is the neutral/midpoint.

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