Hi my name is L.j. By trade i am an apprentice pipefitter. I have worked in a prefab shop, where we fab piping for commercial buildings and plants. I have worked with mostly carbon and stainless. I then moved to the field and never continued with welding other then brazing copper pipe.
I am also a hobbyist welder, have been since i was a young kid about 16. with the down economy i have been without a job for about 4 months. I have always done small jobs for friends, and now i'm looking to get a little further into this in hopes of making a living when things are slow. I found this site when searching to build a welding table for my garage. Im gonna post another post about that but i thought i would first introduce myself!
My shop/garage includes a hypertherm 380, oxy/accetylene rig, lincoln 215 mig, a lincoln stick welder, and a pro-tools bender w/ a few various dies rangin from 1"to 1-3/4".
nice to meet everyone!