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    Re: auto darkening welding helmet

    I've a question for the experts: Does the reaction time of the different AD lenses make much difference after a certain point? I see some advertised as darkening in 1/22,000 second, my Hobart XVS is supposed to do it in 1/12,000 sec, and the Miller auto lens mentioned above by JoeMayo does it in 1/3,600 sec.

    The Miller is by far the slowest, but I doubt they would be selling a marginal safety product....

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    Re: auto darkening welding helmet

    i brought a miller eliete it was a sweet helmet i loved the head gear .............. but sadly they dont appreciate being droped after 2 months it fell off the top of my tool box and cracked the lens

    im now getting a speedglass

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    Re: auto darkening welding helmet

    i dont use a AD unless i have to. they always make my eyes sore at the end of the day.
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    Re: auto darkening welding helmet

    I bought a Miller auto darkening lens for my Fibre Metal pipeliner and I love it. Bought it a month ago and no problems as of yet.

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    Re: auto darkening welding helmet

    No matter how fast a lens speed is on a auto darkening helmet it is not fast enough. Light will always reach your eyes before it will darken. The speed of light is 59,014,137,600 feet per second. So a standard non darkening lens is the best you can get.

    The thing that makes a good auto darkening lens is the way it is made and the UV protection it has to help keep the harmful light rays from reaching your eyes.
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    Re: auto darkening welding helmet

    I have a miller lens in my pipeliner and a speedglas for tig.
    The miller lens tends to flash sometimes when doing tig. (somehow only when I'm doing 6g with my left hand?) I will be switching to a athermal gold lens in my pipeliner for tig only.

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