helmet lens fogs up
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    helmet lens fogs up

    I have a Lincoln Vista helmet and I'm having problems with the lens fogging up while welding. The fogging is occuring between lens layers and takes a fair amount of time to clear once they have fogged up. Anyone have any recommendations on how to stop this? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    Hello DeerMan, I have a couple of suggestions. First, take some black electricians tape and wrap it around the edges of your lens while they are stacked, this will seal the inner shaded lens from picking up moisture. Second, go to your local sporting goods store and pick up some sort of no-fog spray or other type of anti-fog and use it as suggested by the manufacturer. Between these two suggestions and others that will likely be given to you, you should be able to get a handle on the fogging issue. You're certainly not alone with having this problem, lot's of other folks have faced and conquered it right along with you. Best of luck and regards, Allan

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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    IIRC a little bar soap (hand soap) rubbed in the surface, then rubbed clean works to keep things from fogging.
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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    Also breath thru your nose all the time hood is down. This creates a downdraft keeping the warm moist air away from the lenses.
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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    rainaway might help the situation if you take the lenses apart to apply it.

    another antifog agent is spit, and wipe, but its fairly short term. good for an inner lesne fog though.

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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    Quit breathing in there.

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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    Scuba divers wipe spit in their mask as anti-fog. It works pretty well on welding lenses too.

    Not recommended if you are chewing tobacco...

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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    Take a short piece of masking tape, black tape or freezer tape and run it across the bottom of the lense or lense cover just barely catching the bottom edge and well down on to the mask area below the lense. It doesn't stop the surface fog but it stops the fog from getting between layers. Don't use some gooey tape like duct tape cuzz it will leave glue when you peel it off. Warm the hood up a bit before putting it on for welding. The disparity in temps increases the fogging.

    I try to use some cheaper masking tape where the glue just sort of dries up with time.
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    Re: helmet lens fogs up

    Between welds, I keep the inside of my hood under the flexible light on the band saw. That and Rainx anti-fog works for me.

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