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    Re: Razorweld Tig Welder 200 amp ac/dc

    Quote Originally Posted by Brand X View Post
    If a machine has dual schedule option, then saving another setting is mandatory to get it to work. It's a great option on a tig machine using a button control on the torch.. Means you can use a button to control different welding parameters you might need in AC welding.. My Esab 2200i has it, and it's great to use.. Automation can use some settings too, but most will never go there with their units..
    For automation I can see it being very useful but for most normal use I don't see it as being beneficial. I can weld a joint at 160amps, 70hz, 30% balance and then do the same joint at 200 amps, 200hz, 25% balance and still get the same results. I feel it's more of a handicap for some people. I guess for people that are learning it could be useful too. I am always changing my settings or just rolling with what it's set on and make my hands do the work, but that all comes with experience too.
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    Re: Razorweld Tig Welder 200 amp ac/dc

    I think you are missing my point.. It can allow you to use different starting amps for getting a puddle wet, and one for welding amps.. This is with a button control on the torch.. There is zero settings you can make to match the features of a well setup dual schedule machine.. This is for out of position control using a simple button control.. It works well. Ft control would work for dual schedule too. Being a limited to 200/220 amps it would have some interesting benefits to getting the puddle going by changing parameters on thicker ac welding.. It flat out works, and is memory too.. Just not 5 or 10 settings.. Two only....One thing you can't do is start the puddle at 40 hz, different cleaning like way over to dc, and swap over to a more normal setting for finishing the weld bead. This helps getting something hot without HE, and preheat. Flat out works well..
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