received:old welder,question.
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    received:old welder,question.

    i have just been given a a onan powered,airco ac/dc welder and have fond out there is no spark,as i am hopeful it will be an easy fix,i feel this is just the start of a very long road and im looking for any info,or help i can receive to get my first welder up and running.any help or advice i can get would be much appreciated at this point as the fallout from my significant other is about to begin from my recent gift....this is all the info i have got off the unit...arico,inc,new jersey,USA stock# 1350-0036.ser#hf889631..225/200 amp wasp ac/wel/gen
    the gas power plant is a onan...ccka ms/2748j ser# k750983805
    please,if you have any info i will put it to good use.thanks for your time...greg

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    Re: received:old welder,question.

    By the serial number it looks like a miller made for airco welder.
    Go the miller's web site and look at the roughneck welders.
    Also send your question to duaneb55 By private message. He is good with these old welders.

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    Re: received:old welder,question.

    Check the ignition points for corrosion or damage, Got a Harbor freight near you, not their biggest fan but they have an inexpensive tool that goes in line between the wire and the spark plug that will show a flash when you crank the engine if it is getting spark. Also I believe a bad condensor can kill the spark. May have bad spark plug wire as well. I would look into the points first. Don't remember about the CCK but on my Onan B43E the points are under a little box cover top of the motor behind the carb. Find the ignition coil and trace the power wire back to the points. Onanparts is a member here and is the guy to talk Onan to.
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    Re: received:old welder,question.

    If you mean the engine has no spark I would change the condensor and check the points. Over the years, the onan engines I have been around go thorugh a condensor every couple of years. If no spark at the electorde I can't help as much as others on here.


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    Re: received:old welder,question.

    thank you all for a speedy reply,i will fallow advice and let you all know how it unfolds....respectively, greg...

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