Century 80 amp
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Thread: Century 80 amp

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    Question Century 80 amp

    Almost brand new, got for free , uncle couldn't weld with it .

    Anyhow, with tension full on drive it still slips, like it's worn already. How easy should wire pull thru lead? According to manual drive wheels aren't available seperate, have to buy complete motor. Linc to parts or if another manufacture part work on this.

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    Re: Century 80 amp

    Do you have the wire threaded all the way thru? I mean is it poking out of the gun?
    Is the wire coroded ? If it is might be hanging up in the liner!
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    Re: Century 80 amp

    Yes, new roll actually. Just isn't feeding smooth now.

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    Re: Century 80 amp

    I think lincoln sells parts for those. Or so I have been told.
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    Re: Century 80 amp

    Is it one of these?

    Mine came with a drive wheel for .035 and .045 wire. Anything smaller slipped, and I had to make up a new wheel for .025 wire. (see next Pic on webshots)

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    Re: Century 80 amp

    No, on mine the drive wheel is horizontal.

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    Re: Century 80 amp

    If the liner is kinked,it would feed poorly.

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