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    Re: ESAB Unvailed the all new REBEL EMP 235ic at SEMA

    Here's some first exposure for the ESAB Rebel 235. It's what I'm watching right now:

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    Re: ESAB Unvailed the all new REBEL EMP 235ic at SEMA

    No real differnce in 215 vs 235 on the lower settings .030 .035. The 235 adds the .045 sMIG. On the stick side you can turn off the contactor on the 235. My units don't have fan on demand, it's fan on arc strike and stays on for while after, that could definitely be a shorter cycle. No wire sharp on the mig, wish it had that, no run in adjustment, jog, or purge feature. Inductance is awesome on both the Rebels, the preset on the sMIG for wire speed is best at the lowest setting for steel thickness with the trim on the high side and then adjust IPM up from there depending on what type of weld. Once you figure it out then you can get the most out of sMIG. The 235 has a nice spray using c10, little touchy and have to find the sweet spot but once you do it rocks. Stick on both the 215 and 235 is smooth and very easy even on 6010.

    Technically the 235 would have been just fine not having the ability to run the larger spools, the increased size cuts down on the portability, add in a 44lb spool and it's a shop welder for sure that needs to be on wheels. Euro quick backend is not my thing, this is what comes on the 235 and sticks out farther then the Tweco on the 215. Luckily you can remove the euro adapter and run the standard Tweco. Dual gas inlets are nice on the 235, and it has a longer power cord. You can run the unit full tilt on a 10k generator. The 235 has been solid and no problems so far, but I do wish I could cram a Tweco wire feed assembly in it that is gear driven and took the larger drive rolls.
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    Re: ESAB Unvailed the all new REBEL EMP 235ic at SEMA

    60i is out Looks like 7.6 KW output... I guess the only place it will help is pulling a real long arc,gouging and duty-cycle. Not sure how it would help cutting speed with a 60 amp standard nozzle design.. Guess just have to wait, and see.. 10 amp low-end too..

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