Absolutely No Help At All For Lost Password
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    Absolutely No Help At All For Lost Password

    This is steve45 masquerading as steve47. With all the required password changes, I forgot what my most recent password was. No problem, as it was on my computer--until my hard drive cratered.

    I tried to log in a bunch of times with common passwords that I use, but no luck. I finally decided to just reset it and create a new password. Problem is that when I did the reset, I never received an email with a new password. I did this about 20+ times and never got a password emailed, even though I got a message that one would be sent. I checked my junk box, no email. I went to my ISP's site and checked messages on their server, no emails. I sent several emails to the webmaster--no response. I called the telephone number for Penton Media, was transferred to the appropriate party who didn't answer so I left a message--no response.

    I finally had to create a new identity with a different email address just so I could get on and try to get this problem resolved.

    What is going on? Why do I not get an answer? Doesn't anybody care???

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    Re: Absolutely No Help At All For Lost Password

    Check your PM in 2 mins...


    I am not completely insane..
    Some parts are missing

    Professional Driver on a closed course....
    Do not attempt.

    Just because I'm a dumbass don't mean that you can be too.
    So DON'T try any of this **** l do at home.

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    Re: Absolutely No Help At All For Lost Password

    Thanks, Zap!

    However, I think there must be a problem with receiving emails from this site.

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    Re: Absolutely No Help At All For Lost Password

    OK, got it straightened out, Zap. I appreciate your help. Still don't know why I never received a confirmation email. Please delete the steve47 account.

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