welder runs and idles won't weld
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    welder runs and idles won't weld

    Miller Trailblazer starts runs and idles but will not weld, anyone know what it could be?

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    Re: welder runs and idles won't weld

    Could be a number of things. Got a unit SN?

    When's the last time it welded?

    Does it make auxiliary AC power?

    Have you jump started it recently with a booster charger or off a vehicle?
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    Re: welder runs and idles won't weld

    I had a 250g , i think it was a 84 model .
    Mine would do that sometimes right after a good tune up , the problem was when you hit the start switch battery power also had to "flash the field" in the generator. I had mine where all you had to do was bump the switch and it would be running but did not energize lone enough to flash the field . My answer to this was to pull choke and make the engine spin a few rounds before cranking .
    Also i had another problem like this with the same machine and i found bad connections where the wiring harness plugged into one of the circuit boards . My answer to this was to eliminate the plug and solder wires directly to the board . Again i cant remember the board but it was the one that delt with flashing the field when cranking.

    Maybe this will help you?

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