i cant find information anywhere on a respirator that's able to filter out the toxic gases created from welding, mostly manganese + Ozone & hexavalent chromium (and the others produced, i don't know them all)

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be a great help (preferably something that fits well under a hood or directs to somewhere else)

ive settled for a N99 "air purifying respirator'
whether its actually air purifying i dont know, ive read that particulate respirators dont filter out vapors (like Ozone, ive read that activated carbon is good for this but i havent found any respirators for that)
but the CDC website says anything or above N95 is suitable for manganese, hexavalent chromium however im not sure

a respirator with hoses to the rear would probably be the best, but i havent been successful in finding any (amazon probably isnt the best place to look, but i couldnt find much on 3m either, plus i dont have much cash so a speedglas is out of the picture)
if anyone knew an affordable one that would also help

I didnt think finding a safety item for something that could possibly kill you would be this difficult,
or maybe its just me and i cant find anything on the internet
thanks in advance