Extra Ground onDrill Handle
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    Extra Ground onDrill Handle

    Hi, I bought a Big old heavy duty B&D hand drill on e bay It is a3/4" very slow rpm and very heavy
    Works Great! But it has a green wire coming out of the plug A ground I would think? which is wraped around a bare wire on the steel handle " A piece of pipe" Does this wire serve any purpose ?
    It is a 120v two prong plug Appreciate any thoughts, Thanks

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    Re: Extra Ground onDrill Handle

    Does the wire connect to the plug in any way? You said it a two prong... If that is connected to mains earth at plug then it a hack way of grounding the exposed metal so if their electrical fault in drill then the handle won't be "hot". Although you said two prong so is it not connected or connected to neutral maybe?
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    Re: Extra Ground onDrill Handle

    Photo please
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    Re: Extra Ground onDrill Handle

    If its like my old B&D dill it should have a 3 prong plug, and with a 3/12 wire running to it! It could have a safety aircraft wire to tie it to what ever you are drilling, usually for drilling at heights (can some times be chain).
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    Re: Extra Ground onDrill Handle

    I have seen this on a different drill. The green wire is you safety ground. was supposed to have a fork terminal and you could put it under the receptacle plate screw. This only works if the plug box is grounded. Just replace the two wire plug with a good three wire.
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