New to the forum, looking for advice
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    New to the forum, looking for advice

    Hello, I'm restoring my high school car and will be looking for reliable information on using a TIG welder for sheetmetal welding. I have a Lincoln 175 square wave TIG with a TIG pulser. I just completed welding replacement body mount fittings in the frame. I have to replace the trunk floor, cowl, firewall, and floor, some patching of the rear quarter panels. Welder settings for this machine and tips and techniques would be welcome.

    Thanks for any advice and references.


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    Re: New to the forum, looking for advice

    Ben, welcome to the forum.
    Lincoln A/C 225
    Everlast P/A 200

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    Re: New to the forum, looking for advice

    Hi Ben and Welcome, sounds like you have quite a bit of cutting and welding ahead.
    Is the weather responsible for all the replacing you have to do, or is this a model
    that is just prone to rust more.
    Either way, I can not offer any help as I do not do much tig, sold it years ago to continue
    with the mig and stick.
    There are lots of people here with experience, may be post a new thread in the
    Mig Tig And Stick Welding Section and you will get a better response.

    Regards, john

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