castrol moly dee cf tapping fluid
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    castrol moly dee cf tapping fluid

    I HAVE heard from a lot of people that this stuff is excellent.

    what about you guys ? what are your own experiences of this tapping fluid if any ?

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    Re: castrol moly dee cf tapping fluid

    it's great. it's my fav. it clings upside down. messy but good/best. i'd be lost w/o it. it's my to go to . after all i've heard from you, this is the most logical

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    Re: castrol moly dee cf tapping fluid

    That is my preferred fluid for steels. A little goes a long way.

    Just an FYI it will stain some alloys. We were not allowed to use it on copper or aluminum. I never tested it myself. WD40 and/or tapmagic for aluminum & copper.
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    Re: castrol moly dee cf tapping fluid

    Great stuff ..but messy
    Backed my CATMA over your CARMA oops clusmy me

    What would SATAN do ??

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