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    Hello WeldingWeb

    Hi folks,
    New to the forums and new to tig welding. I recently purchased a Lincoln ac/dc tig welder and so far am thoroughly enjoying it. I've made some progress laying some welds down and hope to post them soon for some feedback. My purpose for joining the forum is to glean as much knowledge from the community as I can and develop my skills as a welder.

    My interest is primarily in automotive fabrication. I own a little hotrod that I enjoy wrenching on and hope to eventually fabricate parts for it. Charge piping, manifolds, exhaust etc.

    Looking forward to talking with some of you!

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    Jun 2012
    Bemidji MN

    Re: Hello WeldingWeb

    Dave J.

    Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. ~George Bernard Shaw~

    Airco 300 - Syncro 350
    Invertec v250-s
    Thermal Arc 161 and 300
    Tried being normal once, didn't take....I think it was a Tuesday.

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    Re: Hello WeldingWeb

    Chappie, welcome to the forum.
    Lincoln A/C 225
    Everlast P/A 200

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    Re: Hello WeldingWeb

    Thank you both!

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    Re: Hello WeldingWeb

    i want to come in third place, so welcome chappie. do you have some pics of your lil hotrod to share w/ us?
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