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    Re: 3 ton Gravity box - Jack mount and rust repair

    Quote Originally Posted by irish View Post
    ah that where you was Dave.. hiding under that wagon tried to weld that rustbucket. not bad work. I know these things can be tough to work on. you could have save that farmer some headache by telling him go buy a better wagon for his tend use. just modify it . a deep cargo trailer. with hyro lift on front,, make a chute in rear. da ta.. call it done. longs it legal on highway use.. that thing you just did may pass highway use.. my 2 cents.
    Since he uses it for corn pellets of some kind to feed a large hopper in his basement for heat, a hydraulic tilt trailer would be perfect in my opinion.

    Then he'd still get use out of it during the summer.
    Dave J.

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    Re: 3 ton Gravity box - Jack mount and rust repair

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