oxyacetylene compatibility
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    oxyacetylene compatibility

    Hello all, was wondering if the nozzles for the oxyacetylene torches were compatible from one brand to the next. Thanks

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    Re: oxyacetylene compatibility

    No, brand specific. Most brands have 2 or more different styles.

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    Re: oxyacetylene compatibility

    no. generally not. The ports and o-rings are in different locations.
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    Re: oxyacetylene compatibility

    And, No. Some are tip mix, others mix in the torch body. Then there are different seat styles, not to mention just different body and thread sizes. And there are equal pressure torches and siphon style.

    That said, there are companies that make tips for many different torches, even "obsolete" ones, and somewhat universal tip adapters.

    Worse are the off-shore cheapie torches that claim to use a particular name-brand tip, but the machining tolerances suck. No fun to be had there.
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