So a guy called me, and asked if I could build him some h-brace for vines to grow on. I said yes, and he gave me a deposit for the metal. I'm building 9 h braces at the moment, and if he like them he might need over 300 of them!!! Name:  IMG_0727.jpg
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Size:  103.2 KB So me and my dad went and got the metal last weekend. Name:  IMG_0729.jpg
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Size:  69.7 KB Then I took my time, to get the first one perfect so I had a plan. Name:  IMG_2916.jpg
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Size:  66.0 KB Yesterday and today I got all the verticals cut to 10' when I got home from school . My goal is to get the horizontals cut down to 5' tomorrow and Thursday after school. Then torch cut all the saddles by Saturday morning. After that I will just fit them and weld them all weekend. I will keep posting pictures along the way.