Hello, Newbie and wanting to learn as a hobbie
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    Hello, Newbie and wanting to learn as a hobbie

    Hello all,

    Newbie here and my name is Darrell

    A little about myself and what I'm trying to accomplish.

    I'm 52 y/o, a career fireman and pretty much do all my own work from home projects to cars. Another DYI'er I believe is the best description...lol with patients and the willingness to learn more.

    I'm about to start a restoration project on a car and I'm looking for some direction on a welder. I'm wanting to learn to do my own metal work now. After you start to see some of the work out there you begin to think "I can screw that up as well and for free"...lol So with a little direction, some questions here and there, I believe I can teach myself.

    I have access to plenty of steel as I'm near a Pull it auto yard (which is how I taught myself auto body) and near a place that sells all types of metals and aluminum. So no shoartage of learning material here.

    From most I've read it seems TIG is the preferred way to go as it's softer for grinding and less heat. With that said I've been searching on CL and found a Miller Dial Arc 250 AC/DC welder for $700 obo. If all is as said about this welder, my question is... would this be a good price and a good start ?

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions

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