My grandfather passed away and had been welding his whole life and been in the industry for probably 50 years. He acquired all sorts of stuff from trading, doing work for free, etc. So I inherited all his stuff and while I was cleaning out the shop, he had 4 tanks. One was a 80 cf with a neck ring that had a company name on it, the other was a 125 with smooth neck, the 3rd was a 200 cf with a smooth neck, and the 4th was a 200 cf with a name on the neck. So I had all 4 inspected as one of the 200 cf tanks had not been inspected since 1971!!! So obviously these tanks were old.

All four tanks passed inspections and I took them to go get filled. Both Airgas and Prax told me that they would not fill the 200 cf cylinders as there is no way it was my grandfathers. They explained that if the neck has a name on it that its someone else's and they won't fill it. So of course I said "well the 80 cf has a name on it but you will fill that?" They said yes because 80 cf is considered a owner bottle. I was like what the hell... so if someone can "own" a 80 cf with a name on the neck and it be the owner's bottle, how can you say its impossible to own a 200 cf with a name on the neck? I pointed out they were contradicting their own statement. Then I pointed out that the other 200 cf bottle has NO name on the neck and to which he replied, well someone must have grinded it off or something. I got a little pissed at this point because it sounded like he was calling me or my grandfather a thief.

Anyways, so basically I am now looking for a LWS that will fill a 200 cf bottle in the Houston or surrounding area. Honestly I would even consider trading the damn things for 125 and/or 150 at this point because it has been so frustrating having to deal with this crap. It just seems ridiculous. Plus I have read tons of negative stuff on the internet about these big companies refusing to sell or do business with large tanks because they simply want to make more money by leasing them. I also asked them how much it is to fill a 125 and they said $34. To fill the 200 cf they only want $40. Clearly they have the 125 cf prices marked up since they are not making money on customers who come in with a customer owned bottle. I would greatly appreciate if someone could point me to LWS that won't play games and will fill these. Thanks for any help in advance!!!