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    Re: goodbye maxstar, hello transpocket!

    Darn it. I missed ag expo. I never been to one.
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    Re: goodbye maxstar, hello transpocket!

    so the tig welding has been going as expected with the fronius. nothing new.

    but, i recently came up on another guy that wanted to learn the pipe-fitting stuff, so for fun, i plugged the the little wizz-bang into the 20 amp 120v garage plug and started warming up the sa-200 cause, what 20lb inverter can weld pipe well?

    i was impressed. i turned the break voltage up in 6010 mode to make it easier on the guy to light up, and he went to town! no tripped breakers, but i was going easy on the guy so we were only running 1/8" 5p+ and 3/32" 7018 at 93 amps.

    the 7018 went like magic. no issues with factory settings.

    the 6010 was better than expected, but not perfect. it certainly punched in a good root, and stacked in a good hotpass, but i was frustrated with the arc starting. i have gotten into the habit of holding a long arc with 6010 when starting to warm the rod and the base metal before "digging in." the little fronius was not excited about long arcing, which made starts for the trainee very difficult under my direction. thats why i increased the break voltage but im not sure how much that helped.

    overall still very excited about the machine and no regrets!

    seems like a while ago i had a few guys i was teaching, and it was always a noisy venture what with the old continental bellowing and brapping and requiring sharpie marks to tell guys what amperage they were ACTUALLY running at. nice to be able to just plug something in and hear the fan on occasion, and close to the same duty cycle at ouput
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    Re: goodbye maxstar, hello transpocket!

    Fronius makes some nice high tech equiptment, I'd be interested in them, but I've never seen them carried by any dealers, so that makes me leary about ever purchasing. Although the Transpocket seems like a nice unit

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