Anyone ever weld aluminum with a Lincoln Handy MIG?
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    Anyone ever weld aluminum with a Lincoln Handy MIG?

    Yeah I know that welding aluminum with a 110v MIG isn't really ideal, but can it be done? The two 110v machines I have at home (a MIG/flux core and a stick) have done great with all the mild steel and stainless I've thrown at them, but would really like to have aluminum welding capability at home (could probably do it at work with our 220v stick welder, but would rather MIG it). The crappy aluminum "brazing" rods I've been using when I had to do something with aluminum are more like soft solder, not very strong at all. Figured I'd ask before going out and getting a cylinder of argon. Also, according to Lincoln Electric, there are no spool guns compatible with this machine, if that helps.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Anyone ever weld aluminum with a Lincoln Handy MIG?

    Definitely not saying it can't be done, but it'd have to be some really thin aluminum and would be less than ideal. I feel your time/money/effort would be better spent finding a 220v machine with spoolgun capabilities....just my $.02

    Good luck!!

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    Re: Anyone ever weld aluminum with a Lincoln Handy MIG?

    i welded some with an SP-100 and it worked ok on thin stuff but if its anything thick you should borrow a bigger machine or try to stick weld it with aluminum rods, people will laugh about that but i have used them and they work pretty good in a pinch if you get things clean and the bead looked good too

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