Fixing Blow by on SA250
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    Fixing Blow by on SA250

    So I have this SA 250 i recently purchased and come to find out it has blow by. I removed the cap for the oil while running and it blows it off. I was wondering if anyone would recomend using Cer tech gel kits to fix this problem has anyone tried it?

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    Re: Fixing Blow by on SA250

    you may not want to hear this, so that little sa250 is a fine running machine, that lil 153? 151 perkins will run forever,, why not pull the head and pan and do a ring and bearing, have the valve seats freshened up and not worry about it for a few years,,,ive never heard of anything that would successfully rebuild your engine while yer drivin it except for some snake oil sold by warshawskys when they were still in business and now by JC whitneys, gives you a hint how old i am to remember warshawskys, lol, just my 2C$ buck

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    Re: Fixing Blow by on SA250

    theres a site called mg experience has owner for cer tech posting there, u might find answers, buck

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