red d arc gx300
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Thread: red d arc gx300

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    red d arc gx300

    Hi I just picked up a used gx300 (ranger 305g) thats not working correctly. The machine runs great and the ac power works properly but the weld output will hardly spark till I turn past 7/8 of the output dial. Once i get power out of it theres no shortage of output but it still doesn't seem right, has a pretty rough arc. Anybody run into this issue? I cleaned the slip rings, brushes look good, had a look at the pc board and didn't see any obvious damage.

    Machine code is 11274 its a 2006 model has about 1700 hours on it.

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    Re: red d arc gx300

    nobody has run into this before?

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    Re: red d arc gx300

    i wish i could help. but unfortunately i can only give this one a bump. keep reading, keep posting, keep trying.

    you have a well known machine and im sure help is soon to come
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    Re: red d arc gx300

    So i haven't really had any time to work on this machine but I tried running an inverter and suitcase off the generator side of the machine and it wouldn't run worth a ****. plugged the same setup into the trailblazer and it ran fine. so obviously the ac output has issues too, would a bad board cause these issues or is it likely a problem with the generator itself?

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    Re: red d arc gx300

    Did you look at the board? Is there any signs of damage? Did you check any connections?
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    Re: red d arc gx300

    Quote Originally Posted by Brettliv View Post
    Did you look at the board? Is there any signs of damage? Did you check any connections?
    Didn't see any noticeable damage to the board. Pulled the connections and cleaned them but they looked ok

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