The secret to easy adjustable gin poles.
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    The secret to easy adjustable gin poles.

    I was supposed to do this post quite a while back. It was for Irish Fixit to see. When he passed, I kind of got bummed out about it and figured no one else had gin poles so no big deal. I have had some PM's about it so here it is. I was putting up a metal building last week and using the truck to put up the rafters as I usually do. The doors are installed after the rest of the building is done except for the roof. I put the poles out but lower them down while I back into the building, then raise them up to high enough to raise the roll up door. No manual labor is needed to hold them in position or adjust them at all. Irish's wouldn't do this and he really wanted to know how.

    The secret is in the pulley that the winch line goes through before going up the poles. The first two photos show the bed, bottom of poles and the pulley. The line going to the top of the poles and then coming back down to the truck are the ones to pay attention to. They are the moving lines and to be able to move the poles, have to both be above the pivot of the poles them selves. To be able to do this, the pulley has to be of a diameter to keep the line above it, no matter what position the poles are in. When the poles are down and stored, the height of the pulley keeps the line above the poles pivot point. Take in line and the poles will raise because there are two lines pulling on it. The third picture shows the poles partially up doing this. This makes it so easy to stand them up and put them back, no physical labor required.

    Now look at the picture of the pulley again. The link straps that hold it are long enough that when the poles are up, the bottom of the pulley is also above the pivot point of the poles. This is important for holding the poles up and adjusting them with the winch line. The forth picture shows where you put the hook in a ring welded to the head ache rack. That line as well as the line through the bed pulley are both above the pivot of the poles. Take in line and the poles will raise. The normal lines that hold the poles up are now slack. Unhook the line from the rack that, for mine, is a chain. Now you can let the poles down or take them up, where ever you need, all held by the winch line. Last picture shows the poles way down so I can back through a door opening.
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