Hobart GW223 saved
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    Hobart GW223 saved

    I literally saved this machine from a scrapper yesterday. By the engine serial its a 1956 model. It has electric start and a distributor. Its complete except for the brush cover. Hasn't run in over two years but it turns over. I'll clean the carb, change the gas and try to get it running and hopefully it will weld. Then the cosmetics. Anyone know where I can get a Hobart manual for this baby? or a brush cover? Thanks

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    piece of soapstone
    tape measure
    chipping hammer (wire handle type)

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    Re: Hobart GW223 saved

    Nice save. That will be a neat little machine when it's fixed up. Almost looks like that trailer could be cleaned up to compliment the machine.

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    Re: Hobart GW223 saved

    That's going to be a great project.
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    Re: Hobart GW223 saved

    Looks very similar to my G-213. I have the manual that covers the TJD and the TFD. Also the G-213 manual. PM me your E-mail add and I'll shoot them to you.
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    Re: Hobart GW223 saved

    Try the Hobart Weldtalk website. Plenty of information in the engine-driven section.

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    Re: Hobart GW223 saved

    Good luck with that! I am glad you saved it. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

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