Powcon 300sm, Powerdirve I/E vs I/M
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    Powcon 300sm, Powerdirve I/E vs I/M

    I just brought home a 14-pin 300sm thinking it would plug right in to a Powerdrive I/M sitting on a shelf. In fact, I think it will-but before proceeding any further I thought I'd check the manual. PD-I/M's manual doesn't mention the 300sm in its list of compatible models; the 275sm and 400sm both are on the list--but not the 300sm. On the other hand, in the manual for the Powerdrive I/E the 300sm is listed as compatible.

    Looks to me like the 300sm supplies 120vac on pins 1-2 for feeder power. But the PD-I/M appears to want 24vac, at least by my read of the schematic in its manual. And that doesn't sound tres flash. Maybe it's just a matter of finding a cozy spot to wire in 24v transformer on the PD-I/M and Bob's your uncle--or maybe there's more to it. Comparing the schematics for PD-I/E, PD-I/M and the 300sm has been making my head spin. The pin labeling conventions don't all seem to be the same, the I/M pinouts don't look to differ from those for the I/E except for just the voltage difference, etc.

    Cut to the chase, already: Has anyone run a PD-I/M on their 300sm? How did you wire the system?

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    Re: Powcon 300sm, Powerdirve I/E vs I/M

    I haven't personally tried a 300SM with a PowerDrive I/M, but since nobody has replied yet, I thought I'd chime in. I've also looked at the manuals for both, and mine actually shows 24V for both the I/E and the I/M, although the I/E manual does show an optional 115 to 24V transformer. That's probably why the I/E is compatible with 300SM (if you have the transformer) but not the I/M.

    My suggestion is to try to find a 115 to 24V transformer and try it out. If you've already tried it, please let us know how it went!

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    Re: Powcon 300sm, Powerdirve I/E vs I/M

    I was going through my PowCon stash, and I do have 2 brand new original PowCon 115V to 24V external transformers, specifically for this purpose. It has a 17-pin male connector for plugging into the power supply, and a 14-pin female for the feeder to plug into.

    If you're interested, let me know.

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