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    Re: Oleg....

    Quote Originally Posted by C. Livingstone View Post

    It's the new, old price.

    That is, when the AHP is not in stock, they seem to list it on Amazon at that price ($680 + shipping = $710.50), but when it is in stock at the S.F. warehouse they seem to list it on Amazon at $719 + shipping = $749.50.

    And the AHP seemed to be listed for quite some time at the $719 price at Amazon, so it was nice to see it recently listed at the $680 price again, even though those who buy at that price have to wait a little longer than those that buy at the $719 price.

    But there's no guarantee that the $680 price will ever be seen again when it is changed to $719 or some other price. I mean, I think AHP used $709 at times too.

    So, it always seems nice to me when that old $680 price is renewed!

    It's the same with the 210EXT. I mean, when I bought mine two and a half years ago, the full MSRP was $1649, I believe. But it's now $1799, and is only now marked-down to $1650 since it's out-of-stock, temporarily.

    I mean, I'm amazed that imported durable good prices, like welding units, don't go up quicker, since the State keeps expanding the fiat-currency supply, causing a loss of purchasing power in the USD and causing price inflation in most other sectors of the marketplace, i.e., housing, education, stocks, heathcare, food, and other artificially inflated "bubbles".

    Once upon a time, before the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, when currency couldn't be too easily inflated by the State, since it was nearly all backed and redeeemable on demand by metal, there was price stability and a slight trend of deflation in prices of all things, due to increased production and improved manufacturing techniques, etc.

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    Apart from temporary scarcity in "boom towns" or "gold rush areas", Price Deflation is the Free Market norm, but Price Inflation is a State-created intervention and maladaptation.

    So, when a currency is being debased or the monetary supply is being expanded (that would be counterfeiting if you or I was doing it), making the currency worth less and less, is that the time to hoard the currency for savings as prices are risisng on almost everything?

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    I wonder why the milk farmers are getting screwed? .50 C in '28 and 1.99 now???
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    Re: Oleg....


    The poor, old, millionaire family farmers do complain a lot when their subsidies, like the CRP checks are threatened. I mean, I don't think their income, profession, or livelihood should be communized by the State so that the extorted taxpayers are held hostage to keep their profits or prices artificially high. That is, no profession deserves a protected status, especially one enforced by involuntary State coercion or threats of violence (i.e. taxes).

    Milk farmers are not getting screwed, except like most others, through excessive State regulation, fiat-currency debasement, licensing, property taxes, etc. The .50 to $2 is just proof of overall State-created price inflation by expansion of the money supply. The State and its extortion-paid employees are a always and everywhere a burden to any economy, and yet the US State includes all government spending as a statistic in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures. Hilarous!

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    Without continuous money-printing most things would be stable or lower in price, like it had been for about 100 years, before the US Federal Reserve Central Bank was instituted in 1913, and soon precious metal coinage was banned and conficasted by the Federal State, as it revalued gold from $20 to about $35, robbing people of about 70% of their savings right in the midst of the Great Depression, which was caused by State credit and stock bubbles, of course. But, yeah, the price of a gallon of gasoline and the price of a gallon of milk track together, historically. And, surprisingly, the trend on those items lately is one of deflation, even though gas was nearly $5 a gallon about 5 years ago. So, if those milk farmers and oil producers were smart, they've got financial reserves saved up from that time when prices were at the highest points ever, only 5 or so years ago.

    So, it’s consumers who have gotten some relief from inflated milk and gasoline prices for a change. Of course, milk producers are consumers too, and their energy costs are undoubtedly lower at the moment.

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    Otherwise, if their product is not marketable at the price they can produce it at, then they deserve to go bankrupt. You know, Supply and Demand. But, nowadays, the State seems to try to subvert Supply and Demand for certain Lobby Efforts, like how it recently communized the losses of numerous Banks around the globe, and kept their profits privatized, you remember "Too Big To Fail.". I mean, how nice it was for them, to be a failure at something and still get paid like they're ahead of their peers in their industry.

    Of course, fewer farmers are needed to produce the same amount today. And that's a good thing. I mean, I suppose some people do really think that technology is a job-killer. But ask them if they want to go back to hand-washing their clothes, traveling by stage coach, growing most of their own food, and seeing a higher percentage of their kids dying of relatively minor maladies by today's standards. The creative destruction of the Market has improved quality of life, reduced the toil and drugery of living for most, and has given most people far more free time for happier pursuits. But, yeah, the Invisible Hand of the Market does come with some creative destruction in the short term that seems unsettling to some, but it's a healthy, natural order, without State violence, which creates market maladaptations and tries to make the normally unsustainable, sustainable.

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    Using precious metal as an Inflation indication can be helpful, I think. And it shows how most things haven't really changed in "value" or price relative to precious metal, and it's only the purchasing power of the State-expanding fiat currency that keeps going down, which is a stealth tax to lower the cost of servicing State debt and further borrowing, which further impoverishes unborn generations of extorted taxpayers. Of course, the debt will be defaulted on, by war, revolution, or something else. History is full of this as a nearly predictable cycle in statist societies. Every 80 years or so, I think it has been cataloged, that there's a cataclysmic crisis caused by the State organization and those that follow it.

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    I mean, I could go on about how the Bretton Woods Agreement was reneged upon by Richard Nixon in 1971, which had previous kept some disclipine on the USD, by imposing somewhat of a gold standard, for international settlemnt purposes as a counter balance for the USD being the Reserve Currency for most of the world, i.e., excess reserves in USD held by other Nation-States could be converted to gold at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. And when France started to notice that the US was expanding the USD money supply, i.e., counterfeiting if you or I did it, to finance stuff like the Vietnam War, without raising taxes, France and maybe a couple others withdrew large sums of gold for their USD cash reserves. So Nixon, Kissinger, and Milton Friedman ended the convertibility, making virtually all currency a pure fiat. I think the Swiss franc independently continued for some time to have a slight link or percentage of gold backing, but no longer, I believe.

    Quote Originally Posted by jakedaawg View Post
    I wonder why the milk farmers are getting screwed? .50 C in '28 and 1.99 now???
    Last edited by C. Livingstone; 06-25-2017 at 01:16 PM.
    Peace to you all,
    Christian Livingstone


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