ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet
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    ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    Got my new helmet about 3 weeks ago..... Everything was fine till I set 2 of the 8 memory settings and things went south on me. Local salesman dropped off a demo replacement, said ill pick up both when your new one comes in.... that was a week ago today. Here is my question. Has anyone had a problem with thiers or someone they know resetting to a default of shade 5 when woken from resting? I had mine set 10,10,0. when it woke it flashed me with a 5,0,0. I pulled the batteries and reset it and it works fine, till you program a memory setting. Today I decided to program the demo helmet and after 15 min of rest it too done the same thing to me. I called the local rep and the EASB local guy and they are going to get back with me. is it just my luck on 2 helmets or is this a problem with this helmet....... please someone shed some light on this for me.
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    Re: ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    I just got my Sentinel A50 a few weeks ago and I'm having your exact same issue, flashed myself 3 times before getting very frustrated. I thought i just left it on the grind setting but that's not the case. It's the weird random default setting that isn't one of the 8 programed memory settings I have saved. My teacher at school has the Sentinel A50 also and isn't having this issue, in fact after he let me try his I made the decision to buy one for myself. Other than this strange issue I absolutely love it. Please let me know if you happen to get this figured out.

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    Re: ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    Others are finding the same. I was at a recent show where folks were getting Sh 5 flashes but they are still safe as far as UV and IR. It's not ESAB's fault. They don't make this hood. It's another purchased Chinese Import with a sticker on it like most brand hoods on the market these days.
    For the same money you might find Hornell a viable option or anything from Korea or Taiwan who behind the Swiss ( Hornell ) are the most advanced. Or the 2015 ESAB imported hood's were pretty respectable. I have a few and they work well.

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    Re: ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    speed glass imo

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    Re: ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    I just bought this helmet and I pulled it out of the box, there is a glass plate sitting in the bottom of the box, stuck to a plastic bag. It appears to be the cover glass for the display. Seems this helmet fell apart before it even got out of the box. It feels very flimsy and very thin plastic, I haven't even had a chance to try it so I'll see what the seller says tomorrow. Any other negatives besides the recall for the head tensioner? I have a feeling that if this is ESAB quality I am definitely going to stick to Lincoln. Anybody got a Lincoln 3350? Is that any better? At least its been around for a while.

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    Re: ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    Plenty of us using the Viking 3350 4C and loving it. I have not regretted buying it from day one which was well over a year ago. It works great, I even watched the Eclipse through it
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