ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet
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    ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    Got my new helmet about 3 weeks ago..... Everything was fine till I set 2 of the 8 memory settings and things went south on me. Local salesman dropped off a demo replacement, said ill pick up both when your new one comes in.... that was a week ago today. Here is my question. Has anyone had a problem with thiers or someone they know resetting to a default of shade 5 when woken from resting? I had mine set 10,10,0. when it woke it flashed me with a 5,0,0. I pulled the batteries and reset it and it works fine, till you program a memory setting. Today I decided to program the demo helmet and after 15 min of rest it too done the same thing to me. I called the local rep and the EASB local guy and they are going to get back with me. is it just my luck on 2 helmets or is this a problem with this helmet....... please someone shed some light on this for me.
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    Re: ESAB sentinel a50 welding helmet

    Hey UKfan - How has your Sentinel being working lately? I am considering getting one and I'm wondering if you were ever able to resolve your issues?

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