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    Re: New welding college grad needs advice

    Quote Originally Posted by blackbart View Post
    As a fireman, I pulled his single dad DOA from under a tractor, still haven't told him. I've been watching his growth since, helping get him through Eagle Scout, now he's 19,done with an AS degree in welding. He has a lot of plasma table and computer experience, including solid works. He is best at TIG and MIG. He does stick, but probably not ready for a 6G test. He is asking me about union which I have no experience with. He lives in N CA if anyone has leads I can give him. He graduated with two certs, not sure for what. Clean record, no drugs or drinking. He's been raised by very involved grandparents.
    You did good sir.
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    Re: New welding college grad needs advice

    I received an email few weeks back from the Equipment Manager of company in Rio Vista looking for welders. If that drive isn't a deal breaker, send me a PM and I'll pass along the contact.

    Company I work for has a job in Los Gatos where we're usually looking for pipe welders, just the drive from Butte County to Los Gatos would be a killer.

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