WANTED L-32 flow peter parts
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    Question WANTED L-32 flow peter parts

    SO I was moving my Dynasty to a new cart, cleaning it out, etc. Had my regulator and flow meters nicely coiled up and zip tied to the lifting eye. I cut the zip tie and and totally butterfingered them dropping it onto the bench. Of course I smashed one of the flow meter glass ball tube and calibration tube.

    They apparently are no longer made, I can't seem to find any replacements. Anyone know where I can get replacement parts, or have an old junk flow meter with good glass?

    Miller Multimatic 200 tig/spool gun/wireless remote
    Millermatic 350P, Bernard/XR Python guns
    Miller Dynasty 350, Coolmate 3.5 & wireless remote
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    Miller Spectrum 375 Xtreme
    Optrel e684
    Miller Digital Elite
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    Re: WANTED L-32 flow peter parts

    I ordered one for a rebuilt Airco inline flowmeter and promptly dropped it on the ground as I was walking out of the weld supply lol. This was years ago.

    Look on eBay and see, you might get lucky. OAdoctor might know too. I think that's his member name anyways.

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