Tweco gun issue
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Thread: Tweco gun issue

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    Tweco gun issue

    Ran into an issue at work today, trying to figure out what’s causing it. I have a tweco no 4 hooked up to miller 24a feeder. Was welding all morning long just fine, then it just stopped feeding smoothly. It will click on for a second, the drive rolls will turn about a quarter turn, stop and repeat.

    Took the handle off the gun, trigger screws were a little loose, tightened those up, put it all back together and still same issue. However, if I take the gun out of the feeder, while still leaving the plug connected it’ll feed continuously no problem, it only stops once I insert the gun back into the feeder.

    The feeder itself is not the issue, hooked up another gun to keep working, and works fine, I just prefer my old gun to the one I’m using now

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Tweco gun issue

    Something is grounded out in the gun to the trigger. When the backend is in the feeder is the key here, the welder voltage is feeding back into the contacter from the switch, Had the same problem once. Probably melted trigger wire inside the hose or at one of the ends.
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