Argon and Oxygen tanks
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    Argon and Oxygen tanks

    Hi all,

    I'm in London Ontario Canada. Need some help as to where I can get an argon tank filled for tig welding. I own a tank "Q" size (about 80 cu. ft.) that I purchased from Contact Welding in London a few years ago. That business has sincebeen bought out by Linde. Linde is offering me to bring in my tank "Q" size, and they will swap it for a "C" size (around 55 cu. ft.) . I would prefer to keep and fill the larger size tank, but they say that a private tank owner can only have a C size tank. Is the same true if you are running a home based business? Can you get an 80 cu. ft. tank if that were the case? Does anyone have any other sources that they know of?

    Thanks for any info !

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    Argon and Oxygen tanks

    They are correct. Im in Ontario as well.
    I own a 55 argon tank that I get replaced at prax air dealer when empty. I own the tank but they just exchange it with a full one. If I want larger tanks, I need to sign onto an annual lease agreement with them. That get me the larger tanks that I pay to exchange when empty plus pay the annual lease fee.
    None of these places fill the tanks themselves
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    Re: Argon and Oxygen tanks

    Pretty much the same down here in the USA.

    The tank owned size has been an issue for a while although I think it's an 80CF tank as the biggest one we can own now.

    But it varies with each region and supplier as there is no federal regulation - just company policies.

    I have a 125 CF that I own but it just gets swapped out at Air gas when I need a refill- guess at some point they could claim it's theirs.
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    Re: Argon and Oxygen tanks

    Get 150 CF tanks, everywhere I have checked considered these customer owned. I always insist on a blank neck ring too. 125 CF are the lease size.
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    Re: Argon and Oxygen tanks

    Thanks for chiming in everyone, I appreciate the feedback and knowledge. I have not been doing much in my welding shop as of late, but want to get some stuff on the go. That's when I went and tried to fill the tank and learned that I couldn't use my (already paid for) 80 cu ft tank. Kinda cheesed me off and I feel like I'm getting ripped off having to "swap even" and go down a size just to be able to get gas at Linde. When I purchased the 80 cu. ft. tank at Contact welding gas in London years ago, they sold it to me and filled with no issues. I guess policy is different from place to place. And I suppose if you don't use a lot of gas then a lease fee to get a larger tank isn't going to be worth it. Just curious.....snoeproe, what is the lease fee amount at Praxair? Do you know anyone who has used TSC welding gases, and what they're like to deal with?

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    Re: Argon and Oxygen tanks

    Huh? I assure you that Praxair in Dartmouth Nova Scotia fills theirs. The large tanks in the pic are not for decoration, and I've seen them doing it:

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