New to me old gray LN25 setup questions
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    New to me old gray LN25 setup questions

    Hello Colleagues,

    I just picked up an old gray LN 25 (Code 9220) with gas solenoid. I'm unsure if it has the contactor as I don't know what to look for but it does have the same decal on the back referring to damaging an installed contactor as in post #65 here

    And it has the same spool adapter as that machine does.

    My LN 25 came with two flowmeters, a gas hose and a new condition Tweco Weldskill 400 amp 15' gun. The gun and feed rolls are set up for .045 wire but until I get a better look at the rolls or hear back from the seller I'm unsure whether it has a solid or cored feed roll kit. Or how much that matters for larger wire?

    Other than smaller jobs that I can do on the table I'll be welding outdoors as I haven't yet got a shop built at our new retirement home and our attached garage has an epoxy coated floor. I'm a hobbiest welder. Most of my experience has been stick welding and my only wire welding has been limited to a 120 volt suitcase MIG unit for welding sheet metal and some dual shield in 4-5 adult education classes.

    I'll be running the LN 25 off of a 2012 Bobcat 225 CC/CV AC/DC machine. Most of my stick welding is with a Dialarc 250P AC/DC unit.

    Once upon a time I built a few small wood burning smokers before switching to building large stainless steel electric and gas/electric ones for food service operations. When we sold our farm and downsized last year I kept four 120 gallon propane tanks to start building trailer mounted wood burning smokers and that is the kind of thing I most expect to use the LN 25 for. I'll be re-purposing trailers for the smokers so it'll be the smokers themselves that I'll be setting up to weld-mostly 5/16 and thinner steel but with the occasional thicker stuff (probably very occasional...).

    If it's too breezy to run straight MIG or dual shield I can tack stuff up with stick and weld it out when the breeze dies down and I do have a welding screen I can use to help break the wind at times. If at all possible I'd like to avoid the cleanup with straight flux core.

    So...what might be the most breeze that straight MIG with solid wire can handle? Or dual core? And what size wires for each might be appropriate? And I'm thinking that I'll want a lighter gun too so any suggestions are welcome.



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    Re: New to me old gray LN25 setup questions


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    Re: New to me old gray LN25 setup questions

    Just saw this sorry. CEP on here is a whizz kid on these. Send him a pm.
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    Re: New to me old gray LN25 setup questions

    Maybe this picture will help. Remove the cover under the spool of wire.
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