Hello all you wonderful welders out there. This is my first post and I joined here specifically to learn more about welding.
I'm just a hobbyist and have limited welding experience to welding up some exhaust on an old car I had.

I picked up recently a Lincoln Mig Pak 10 Nascar welder used and it worked for about 10 mins in total, I was able to confirm the wire feed and gun actuated properly. Arc was decent etc.

This was approximately 3 months ago. Recently move the unit outside and no the unit will not power on, no fan, no buzz, no wire feed etc.

I have confirmed:
Power to the outlet(used 3 different power tools).
Power into the unit
power in and out of the unit breaker(and breaker is not tripped)
Power in/out of the on/off switch

I also tried the unit on 3 different plugs in my house including the original one that I had success on.

Any ideas of what might be wrong? I know it's hard to diagnosis over the internet but my local service depot wants close to $200 just to look at the machine not including any repairs/parts