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    I am a hobby welder, I use MIG and Stick but mostly MIG unless I have to weld outdoors. I typically build things for my tractor or trailer items, racking, hog traps, deer feeders, deer blinds and things like that. I have only been welding now for about 7 years so I have a lot to learn. I am self taught and have attended hundreds of hours at the university of you tube and then practice what I see. I get most of my info from forums and you tube. I am going to build a boat port and I have not built anything that large before. I have some structural questions. Should I post those under the general questions forum or the projects forum?


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    Re: New to Forum

    Welcome to the Forum!

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    Re: New to Forum


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    Re: New to Forum

    Greg, welcome to the forum.
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    Re: New to Forum

    I would go for Projects.
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    Re: New to Forum

    Thanks to all, I look forward to learning a lot on here. Looks like a bunch of knowledge here.

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