Beta-Mig Schematic?
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    Beta-Mig Schematic?

    Hello to all, I am in the process of rehabbing a Beta-Mig LF that is suffering from a bad case of previous owner syndrome. There are some wires dangling about inside and I'd like to tidy those up. A copy of the manual came with, but the quality is so bad that the schematic is pretty much unreadable. Does anybody have a legible copy of the wiring diagram? I'd be glad to pay a reasonable fee. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Re: Beta-Mig Schematic?

    Not sure if you found a schematic yet.
    I have a beta mig 200...not sure of the similarities.
    My manual is bare bones with just a few part numbers for gun, etc.
    If you can post a pic of the area of your machine, I could probably pull the sides and send a pic of my machine for the area in question.


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