Antique GE Arc Welder and Electric Motor
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    Antique GE Arc Welder and Electric Motor

    Believe this is an early 1900's welder, originally driven by line shaft and livestock powered with an electric motor later added. Selling this on consignment for a family friend

    Location: Near Goshen, Indiana
    Contact: Aaron Bobeck - see pictures for my contact information
    Reason for selling: Needs barn space, not sure last time it was used
    Price: $4,800 OBO
    Local pickup, NO TRADES
    Sells as-is, comes with the steel frame it is fastened to

    More pictures and better quality on Google Photos:

    Has the following numbers / information on ID plates:

    Welder: 76-776
    Type WD 11, Form AD, No. 1471592
    Speed full load: 1750 50 degC
    Continuous rating: KW 3.75, A. 150, V. 25
    One hour rating: KW 5, A. 200, V. 25
    Patented July 13,'09 May 11,'20
    N.P. 25918-A

    Controller:CR 4903-D3
    Serice Arc Welding
    DL 1777070 G3
    H.P (unrated) V. 20, A. 2.00
    N.P. 11782-A

    Induction Motor model: 403578
    Type: 1944Y 4 - 7.5 - 18.00
    Form (?)56 D, Form 3 Phase, 60 CVC
    Amp: 10, Speed full load 1750
    No. 4608102 , Pat'd Nov 12,'12 July 14,'16
    7 HP Cont.

    Looks to be very complete, no idea if it works.

    One similar sold on eBay for $6,500

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    Re: Antique GE Arc Welder and Electric Motor

    I'd like to know what provenance you have on "livestock powered". There is a big difference between "listed" and "sold", and there is a big difference between "barn find" and "cleaned".

    Best of luck, but if you want it gone I think you are going to have to remove at least one digit.

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    Re: Antique GE Arc Welder and Electric Motor

    All he needs is an air hose, a roll or two of paper towels and some spray cleaner and it's a sure sale to some overfinanced pathetic loft dweller in the Big Rotting Apple.

    That machine would win apartment decor of the month for sure. Beats hell out of a lathe with a slab of glass on the ways coffee table.

    Trick is to find the right antique purveyor to the right decorator.

    If that don't happen there will probably be a tantrum and 6pack with a sledge to get all the valuable copper to take to the scrap yard.

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    Re: Antique GE Arc Welder and Electric Motor

    that is really cool. I think that handle on the end is to set the neutral with the lines of flux. I would love to have that, and I would fire it right up and use it too. that price is out of my range for the cool stuff pile I have. good luck selling it and thanks for posting it.

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